Why I Run

Everyone has their own reasons for pounding it out on pavement, trails or their treadmill. As long as they come from a healthy place, all of those reasons are wonderful. Below are some of my top reasons why I run.


Check out my Pinterest board, I’d Rather Be Running, for some more motivation.

  1. Because the thoughts of the day, all the bad stuff, all the stress, goes away for 5k
  2. Because no one can run it for me, I have to do it myself
  3. Because when I’m out there, I remember who I am
  4. Because every time I set out I teach myself all over again that I am capable of discipline
  5. Because I am learning to appreciate my body, and everything it does for me
  6. Because I now know what it feels like to be truly capable of something
  7. Because no matter what, I’m only ever running against myself
  8. Because when it hurts and I’m tired, I know that I have been here before, and I got it through it then, so I can get through it now
  9. Because every once and awhile, I get to learn what it feels like for something to be easy that was once very, very hard
  10. Because it reminds me that either way I’ll run the distance, so I might as well be happy
  11. Because I think I like who I am becoming when I run
  12. Because I’m not giving up

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