Happy Friday fellow Runners!

Stopped for a rest East of 3 valleys Gap Transcanada Highway

It’s Friday; wonderful, beautiful Friday. Rest day for me, so I’ll be doing, well, not a whole lot of anything. Reading, specifically my newest acquisition, Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes, and heading up north. If you’re not from Toronto, “up north” is the standard term for going anywhere but the big city for the weekend (seeing as anywhere due south of Toronto technically takes you across Lake Ontario into the States). In my case, I’ll be going to Wasaga Beach for some quality family time.

While I’m there, I’m planning on getting in some good trail runs in the Provincial parks. Trail running is its own kind of beast, and not one that I get to tackle often living in the concrete jungle. Trail running forces us to break our stride and pacing, and therefore typically expends more energy. Trail runners tend to be stronger runners overall, as they are more agile and have stronger cores. That said, my times tend to go up (ahem, way up if I’m being honest) when I run trails.

Pictures will follow. How are you spending your Friday run? I want to hear from you in the comments.

Happy Running!

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This Is How We Weekend

Goooodddddd morning folks!

Morning skies (II)

Time to get up, wipe the sleep from your eyes and hit the pavement or trail.

The me of just one year ago would think this is crazy, so if you’re there I definitely get it. I mean, why leave your bed? It’s so comfy! And warm! But say with me on this one. If you get your butt out of bed nice and early in the morning, have a good steady run and are back before most people are stirring from bed, you will feel fantastic. You will feel awake, ready to tackle your Saturday and at the very least, like you did one worthwhile thing today.

If that’s not a good enough reason for you, I’m going to let you know that the world really is beautiful at that time of the morning. Before your city, neighborhood or street comes alive, the air is crisp and all yours. So go enjoy it.

Happy Running!