The Silence of Running

Sometimes, I can be a little crabby, Especially before coffee in the morning, but frequently afterwards too. What can I say? Patience is just not my virtue. Know your strengths and all that.

This crabbiness has not gone unnoticed by my wonderful and considerably more patient co-workers. So much so that I once came back to my desk to find a sticker that said, and I am paraphrasing here, “Cheer up Grumpy. You are awesome and have great shoes.” Awwww. Did I mention I have some pretty cool cubicle-mates?

Now, you are presumably here to read something about running, so I promise this does tie in. When I am at my grumpiest – when things aren’t going right at work, or the TTC (our beloved and run down transit system in Toronto) shuts down AGAIN or one of the million other little things – I make myself go for a run. Why?

Because there are very few things a good run can’t solve.

When I’m running, everything goes silent for awhile. It’s my purest form of living in the moment. I don’t usually consciously think about my problems while I run – in fact, I rarely do – but nevertheless, by the time I’m done if they are not solved, I’m at least much more capable of fixing them. Running is like pressing re-start on your brain’s ability to process things.

I’m not the only one that things so. You can find other significantly more experienced runners and scholarly writers¬†making the same claims here, here and here. And here.

So, seriously, happy running!