Yes, You Do Need New Running Shoes

Whether or not you have to purchase a new pair of running shoes is one of those questions that, if it has to be asked, the answer is usually yes. Unless you are a true aficionado and already own 12 trillion pairs. In that case, get your sh*t together. Or just take me shopping instead?

But assuming you are currently staring down at your beat up old gym shoes that have seen considerably better days, then yes you really do need new running shoes.

Here are all the excuses you will use:

  • I don’t really need them (you probably do, see below)
  • They are expensive (true, but so is reconstructive foot surgery, so the ball’s in your court)
  • I will want to BUY ALL THE RUNNING THINGS if I go to get them (again, take me with you?)

And here are all the reasons you need new running shoes:

  • Improved comfort
  • Improved stability for your foot
  • It’s like running on little, custom-designed clouds for your feet

And if you really aren’t sure if you need new ones, the scientific but somewhat useless way to ¬†go about determining it is to calculate the number of miles run on your shoes. If you keep a really, really detailed log (and good for you if you do!) then this is snap.

Once you hit 400 miles, you should be looking at a new pair. For those in marathon training, thats every 3 to 4 months.

For us mortals, it’s a bit more difficult. You know the squishy foam under the heel of your shoe? Pick up your shoe and give that a squeeze. If you can squish that with your hands then its time for a new pair.

Get thee to the Running Room, or your nearest athletic wear store and pick up a new pair. Happy shopping and happy running!