Spring Fling: An Inaugural Race Review

On June 15th, Father’s Day, myself and roughly 100 other strangers gathered in Toronto’s Willow Creek park to sweat it out for either 5 or 10k. To be clear, I was running the 5k version (this is part of a wider running strategy for the rest of 2014 and some of 2015). I understand that this was the inaugural year for the Excel Running Series, and therefore first ever Spring Fling.

In my totally uneducated and inexperienced opinion, it was a good race. Not a great one, but definitely a fair effort for the first go around. I can’t really speak for the 10k experience, but the 5k was an out and back race with one water stop at the 3k mark. It wasn’t a large race and that showed. Having recently competed in the Goodlife Half Marathon, I missed the cheering sections and the music on the course. But none of that can be expected for a race this size. The running community for the Eglinton east area of Toronto seemed to be out in force, with much back-slapping all around. I was there on my own, so I had plenty of time to spy and eavesdrop on the more talented runners. There were a few entertaining “Back in my day!” conversations I got to overhear from some veteran runners (Pisssst! Did you know that us “young bucks” simply “don’t have the moxie”? I can’t make this stuff up folks).

The course was well marked and chip timed, the two most important pieces of a race in my opinion. For those who drive, there was plenty of parking. Of course, I don’t have car to drive so my bottom was stuck on the TTC nightline bus at 6am that morning.


My only major compliant was that the race was not a closed course, meaning that cyclists and pedestrians were free to wander across your path. I didn’t experience any trouble with this, but I wasn’t exactly leading the pack if you know what I mean. As the race grows – and I have no doubt that it will – I expect this issue will take care of itself.

Overall, I would run this course again, and maybe next time take a shot at the 10k. You know, to see if I have the moxie.