Jet Lagged Running

Good morning to you folks. It is currently mid-afternoon for me, as I have now arrived into Dublin, Ireland, where I will be posting from for the next month or so.

semàfor dublinès - dublin traffic lights

Today, I am very very jet lagged. Red eye flights can do that for you. Nonetheless, I am lacing up for a quick run. And by quick, I a mean I will run at a very slow pace over a very short distance, but nonetheless will run.

Look, sometimes just getting out the door and going for your run is a big feat. Not every day can be the day you set a new record, run a little farther or run a bit faster. And that is okay. Those days are just the days you are preparing to hit your new records. Or they are the days you are running, like me, to get your run in.

Truth be told, I’m also running because I want to explore some of my new neighbourhood, as well as hit the internal reset button that running hits for me. Sure, I may be tired as hell. I may only run 3 kilometres. It may take me an eternity. But I know I’ll feel better after I do.

So Happy Running, from Dublin.

(Photo Credit: Campru)


The Big News


Alright you guys. I have some big news. Drum roll please……

I’m moving to Ireland. For a month. Maybe more. Don’t really know.

I’m going over for my company to work on a project, but I’m really really really psyched about the running part. That picture up there? That’s Howth, which is a neighbourhood of Dublin, Ireland where I will be living. Beautiful, right? I’m looking forward to running those trails and clocking some miles in a new country.

This will be to mildly offset the beer and potatoes I plan on consuming while I’m there. Everyone talks about the beer in Ireland, and while that’s great and all: POTATOES. (I should add here that I have been to Dublin before for work, and am also technically Irish in my ancestry, although my family has been in Canada for generations now, meaning it might just be in my blood to love the potatoes of Ireland).

Seriously folks, the potatoes in Ireland are fantastic. I know this sounds crazy, but just….listen to me on this one. I have honestly never had better potatoes than in Ireland. They are these fantastic little clouds of starch, regardless of the preparation. Nothing is more satisfying than that on a rainy day.

I’ll be posting while over there, so I look forward to updating you with my very own snapshots of the island. Expect to see shots of both the running trails and the potatoes.

Sláinte!! (and Happy Running)

(Photo credit: Roberto Taddeo)