About Me

From my personal and totally unscientific research, most run-bloggers – and there are many of them – are marathon runners. They probably get up in the morning and make themselves healthful but strangely aggressive sounding shakes (Green Monster for breakie, anyone?), pound out a 20k or 30k run, hit the gym for some cross-training all before heading to their personal trainer jobs. Those people are fantastic, wonderful, inspirational runners. I read their blogs to learn about what we are capable of, how I can improve my own techniques and what the running community in general is thinking about.

I’m telling you this because I think it only fair that if you have come to Awesome Run for that type of blog, well folks, this isn’t it. Mostly because that’s not me.

If you read my first ever post (and if you didn’t, you can see it here), you’d know that I am a 24 year-old downtown Torontonian; a newly converted, non-runner who by a strange and fortunate series of events ended up running a Couch to 5k program with an amazing run coach. And I’ve never had a shake that contains spinach or kale (shudder).

I’ve decided to keep with the running thing since then, and you can check out the races I’m planning on doing here.

I believe firmly in the motivating and welcoming running community, and I hope this can be my contribution to it. For more reasons on why I run, check it out here.


Thanks for visiting Awesome Run and happy running!



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