The 5 Phases of Every Run

Today I’ll be doing a steady run. Hands up if you are too!

If you are a new runner, you will soon notice a pattern developing in your runs, especially the longer ones. I’m here to give you the head’s up. Consider this your notice that if you are experiencing this, you are not alone. Every runner does, and You. Will. Get. Through. This.

Here are the five phases of every run.



You are flying through the air! You have so much energy. You could do this forever! You know the training plan says 5k, but hey, 8k sounds great! Why not 10k? You look amazing. You’re hitting every green light, people are politely stepping out of your way, dogs are not chasing you, the birds are chirping. THIS IS AWESOME.


Why did you do that? Why did you start off so fast? This is killing. That’s a cramp. Yep, that’s definitely a cramp. Oh look, there’s another! How is it even possible for your legs to feel this heavy? Are they made of lead or something? Just remember, you do this for fun. Fun. Ha!


You finally found it: the pace you can run comfortably at. Your time per mile/km (split) has grown, but at least you don’t feel like tiny gnomes are attacking your calves with pick axes. Your breathing is regular, your stomach doesn’t feel like it’s plotting a rebellion any more. This isn’t bad, actually. Next time,  you will actually run at this pace from the beginning. For real!


You’ve now been running in your second to last km for approximately ten kajillion hours. Or at least it feels like it. You’re so close you can taste it: the finish, your couch, a shower. But the time seems to be slowing down. What is happening here?


Yay! You did it! You didn’t do too bad afterall. That was pretty great, actually. When’s the next one again?


So is the life of a new runner. Have you been through this? I want to hear from you in the comments!






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