Sunday Sign Off

That’s another week put to bed, as we all soon will be. I hope you all had fantastic weekends, both running and otherwise.

When I was out this morning, I saw many different runners, all likely doing their long runs. They were fast runners, slow runners, serious runners and weekend warriors. They were short, tall, slim and wide; some with powerfully long strides and others with short, quick steps. Some appeared to be professional athletes and others were regular wannabes like me.

But all of them – each and every single one, regardless of whether this was their first run or their 5000th – were runners.

Each of them was out there, trying their best and that effort should be rewarded. Its why at races, each participant gets a medal for completing the course.

Because they deserve it.

So here’s to you, if you went for a run today, yesterday or are thinking of lacing up tomorrow. Cheers, proost, my hat’s off to you! You are awesome.

See you tomorrow, and as always:

Happy running!




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