There Is No Right Way To Run: Music

For some reason, whether or not you and I – individuals more or less capable of making adult-ish decisions 95% of the time – choose to listen to music when we run has become the subject of some hand-wringing and pearl-clutching in the running community as of late.

(Side note, mostly for my mom – Hi mom! – don’t be silly and run with your music so loud you can’t hear a train whistling at you or a piano about to fall on your head. Be safe, listen to music at a reasonable level so that you can hear your surroundings. /obiligatorysafetylecturedone)

Maybe you’ve heard this too: Why on earth are you listening to music while you run? You are missing out on the sounds of nature! Of your city! Of the world! Unplug, tune into the world around you!

I’m sure this advice is well meant and given with nothing but kind intentions. That said, run however you want to run.

Really. Run however you want to run.

If you enjoy, as I do, running with a uplifting, if not mildly cheesy pop playlist that heavily favours some Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson, then more power to you! If the prospect of 30 minutes of just you and Eminem pounding some pavement together gets you out the door, then so be it!

Frankly, I find it absolutely astounding that we all get out there on any given day anyways. We all have some combination of work, school, kids, pets, chores, appointments, and commitments that eat away at our time. It’s pretty great that we each decide that we deserve our run time.

What I’m trying to say is,

It’s your run. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to do it. The point is to enjoy it, so enjoy it!

If for you that means running with some music, or listening to the sounds of your neighbourhood, then do just that.

And on that note, one of the songs that gets me out the door….



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