Race Plan 2014/2015

Back when I first started running, and that wasn’t all that long ago, I had a dream of running 5 whole kilometres in a row. I still think that’s a huge accomplishment, and I’m proud of myself for meeting that goal. I used to think that when I finally – finally! – hit that goal, I’d be happy to settle down and keep just fit enough to bust out 5 long kilometres in a row.

….that didn’t happen. I know; what’s wrong with me? Can’t a girl just be happy? Apparently not. So I ran a 10k. Then a half marathon. Then I eventually, with some cajoling, got around to running a 5k race. A little backwards, right?


Back in the day, I also casually mentioned to that first run coach that a long, far off, not-really-going-to-happen-in-this-lifetime dream of mine was to run the famous Around the Bay race in Hamilton. The history geek in me loves that it’s the longest road race in North America, the McMaster University alum loves that it is a chance to be back in my old university town and the braggart in me wants to be able to say I ran it, hills at kilometre 17 and all.

Here’s a tip – don’t tell your run coach about long, far off, not-really-going-to-happen-in-this-lifetime dreams. Unless you actually want them to show up at your next meeting with a fully fledged run plan thats been approved by two other veteran runners as “do-able”. Take it from me, folks.

So here we are. I now actually think I might be able to run Around the Bay 2015 – 30k with hills and all – and so I’ve set out a race plan help me achieve that. Maybe I’ll see you there!

(This will probably be added to as the year goes on – look for updates here on the regular)

Dawn at the Don – 8k – July 13th, 2014

Midsummer Night’s Run – 15k – August 16th, 2014

Tommy Thompson 10 Miler – September 28th, 2014

Scotiabank Half Marathon – October 19th, 2014

Tannenbaum 10k – hopefully going ahead, date unannounced (let me know if you find out the date!)

Around the Bay (30K) – March 29th, 2015


2 thoughts on “Race Plan 2014/2015

  1. charissarunning says:

    This is an awesome race schedule – and such a good progression! You will for sure be able to do the 30k race and I’m so happy you have a coach that pushes you towards your dreams 🙂 Have fun training!


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